Name of Event: Wired for Wonder Sydney

Date of Event: 13th & 14th September

Venue: NIDA

No. of guests: 700pax

Client and/or Event Company: Commonwealth Bank

Type of Event: Public Event/ Conference

Role / Involvement: Technical Direction, Technical Design, Stage Design, Lighting, Audio, Vision, Staging

How did you meet the clients brief/theme:

Innovative have been on board with Wired for Wonder since its inception in 2013. We have been a strong influence in the design and creative process of this event and its development over the years. The event tries to disrupt the normal thinking of the guests and transform them creative and immersive environment that allows them to think differently. The main stage is filled full of enormous digital visuals, moving screens and sets, colour, emotive sound, and some of the most incredible speakers from around the world.

Key highlights of event:

The incredible speakers are what really sets this event apart from others. We work closely with the speakers to integrate the technology and creativity we supply in spades for the event, to customise their talk and engage the audience on a new level. The key highlight of this event was the Youth Summit Day on day 2 in Sydney. The tickets purchased on day 1 paid for a student to attend the specially curated event for students and teachers from all around the state on day 2. We have never witnessed an audience as engaged and invested in the content as much we did during the Youth Summit. It was very inspiring and has motivated the entire Wired for Wonder Team to develop and expand this idea next year.

About the event:

Wired for Wonder is an experience to prepare attendees for the future. The event explores emerging trends and hear from incredible thought leaders. It is a creative and immersive experience designed to spark imagination and encourage curiosity for what lies ahead.

Wired for Wonder really is a one of a kind event in Australia.

You can watch all of the talks on YouTube here: