Name of Event: Wired for Wonder, Melbourne

Date of Event: 2015 & 2016

Venue: Shed 14 Central Pier, Docklands. Peninsula, Maia, Sketch, & Sumac

No. of guests: 400

Client and/or Event Company: Commonwealth Bank

Type of Event: Public Event/Conference

Role / Involvement:
Technical Direction, Technical Design, Stage Design, Lighting, Audio, Vision, Staging

About the Event:
Wired for Wonder Melbourne condenses the 2-day Sydney event into 1 day packed full of talks, performances, workshops, an amazing food experience, and an after party.
The event focuses on Technology, Life, Business, Arts, Science, and Awe, and is quite quirky and unconventional in its approach which differs quite a lot from a traditional style conference. This gives us some creative freedom to push the boundaries and design an environment that is as engaging as possible without the normal restrictions which conservative corporate conferences usually have.
To create an intimacy in the room and to engage the audience with the content, we built tiered seating and surrounded the speaker with the audience. We used huge screens to bring the content to life, and installed the ‘Stealth Wall’ backdrop and projected custom content for each speaker to help convey their message.

Key highlights of event:
The main room set-up was one of the best conference designs we have achieved. The feeling in the room was very intimate and comfortable which is very important when you are in an event for 10+ hours!
The after party transformed the room next door into a magical forest complete with an enormous desert display recreating the forest floor. Yum!

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