Name of Event: Wired for Wonder 2016

Date of Event: Tuesday 15th November ā€“ Wednesday 16th November

Venue: NIDA National Institute of Dramatic Art

No. of guests: 700

Client and/or Event Company: Commonwealth Bank

Type of Event: Conference

Role / Involvement: Production Design, Lighting, Audio, Vision, Staging

About the Event:

Wired for Wonder is a public ticketed event put on by the CBA. It is a 2-day event packed full of talks, workshops, performances, food experience, and wonder. The event focuses on Technology, Life, Business, Arts, Science, and Awe, and is quite quirky and unconventional in its approach and differs quite a lot from a traditional style conference.

Some of the broad spectrum of speakers this year included CBA CEO Ian Narev, Parra Olympian legend Dylan Alcott, astronaut Terry Virts, performer Ben Lee, London bombing survivor Gill Hicks, and meditation guru Dandapani. Check out the full list of speakers and watch their talks below.

Key highlights of event:

This year we enhanced the event with custom borderless screens flown in front of the enormous 15m x 7.4m rear project backdrop which really made the presentations and camera on screen pop!

It is quite a technically complex event with over 80 keynote presentations, workshops, and panel sessions spread over 9 rooms. Added to the complexity of the event, we provide full production for the Melbourne event which is on the day after Sydney, so we need to have 2 full set-ups of gear and crew to make it happen as the event sets up in Melbourne on the show day in Sydney.

Wired for Wonder is one of our favorite events of the year!

Check out all of the talks and performances on the website here:

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