Name of Event: Wired for Wonder 2015

Date of Event: Monday 24th August – Thursday 17th August

Venue NIDA National Institute of Dramatic Art

No. of guests: 700

Client and/or Event Company: Commonwealth Bank

Type of Event: Conference

Role / Involvement: Production Design, Lighting, Audio, Vision, Staging, Live Stream Broadcast

About the Event:

Wired for Wonder is a 2-day conference like no other packed full of talks, workshops, performances, food experience, and wonder. The event focuses on Technology, Life, Business, Arts, Science, and Awe, and is quite quirky and unconventional in its approach and differs quite a lot from a traditional style conference.

Some of the amazing speakers this year included Atari Founder and technology pioneer Nolan Bushnell; chief evangelist at Apple Guy Kawasaki; neural complexity specialist Dr Fiona Kerr; 15 year old inventor Jack Andraka; and futurist Ben Hemmersley.

Check out the full list of speakers and watch their talks below.

Key highlights of event:

This year Innovative produced a live broadcast of the event which enabled CBA and their partners to watch the event live in their offices for staff who couldn’t attend.

The breakout rooms also increased to 10 with an intensive workshop component added to the event.

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