@ Guillaume at Bennelong

Guillaume at Bennelong hosted the end of year party for a corporate client in the financial industry. Belle-Laide Events produced another professional, poised event and adds one more befitting “job well done” to their portfolio. And what a dignified occassion it was.

Guests were invited to watch the sun go down over the Sydney Harbour in a quaint, English garden styled courtyard.

Innovative’s new battery powered wireless LED lights were used around the white lamp posts to provide a clean, slimline look. These lights are not only neat and tidy, but they require no cables for power or signal thanks to an onboard rechargeable battery and wireless DMX technology. This enables them to be used in situations where power may not be available or easily accessible.

The main aim of the lighting inside was to emphasise the bespoke decor and make it a focal point of the night. Martin auras were chosen for their small frame and high power output to create a vivid red wash. Great care was taken to ensure our technical equipment was made as invisible as possible so that when guests walked in, all they saw was the effects of the lights.

Entertainment for the evening was a talented vintage jazz duo who performed on Belle-Laide’s custom built wooden stage. We couldn’t let this beautiful platform be defiled with black tape, so, in keeping up appearances, we sourced brown staging tape – it’s the little things that make the special events.

Photography by Lucas Jarvis

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