By Belinda Potter, January 2020

Welcome to 2021. A year of resilience, awareness and perseverance.  

The worldwide pandemic put a huge question mark on the live events industry in 2020. This meant Innovative had to develop a new way of thinking and create a new business model to ensure we were able to survive and provide our services to clients in a professional and dynamic way. We needed to be creative with our resources to make sure that our content and delivery was still engaging with communications and entertainment online, and reaching audiences all over the world. Our new broadcast studio The HUB @ Pix on Location was created for entertainment, inspiration and education but most importantly a place to connect.

Connect with your creativity. 

Connect with your clients. 

Connect with your staff. 

Connect with your audience. 

Connect with whomever you need to, 

on any platform, 

anywhere in the world. 

The HUB is a new studio broadcast space designed to offer all the tools and elements you need to bring your content to the broadcast world. All the resources you need are at hand and ready to go. The HUB is built from not only the best equipment but is also run and operated by industry experts that are here to support and guide you in getting your message out to the world in the best way possible. 

 Check out all our capabilities and technical features here.

If you have any questions regarding The HUB or you would like further information, please email

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