@ Concert Hall Northern Foyer, Sydney Opera House

The Financial Review Subscriber Advantage launch event was held at the Sydney Opera House and showcased the benefits that subscribers can look forward to throughout 2013.

An importance was placed on the synergy of: the branding, the Sydney Opera House (being a major sponsor of the event) and the harbourside view. This was a challenge as it was still daylight when the event was to take place. Innovative provided a 3 x 3 LCD videowall as well as 4 single 55″ LCD screens to ensure the branding was seen clearly from every aspect, even with the bright backdrop.

Our brand new small and sexy corporate speaker system was used by the entertainment for the night, The Myall High Club. For a corporate event such as this, a sleek and spotless appearance is paramount.  This audio package is compact yet powerful; the Sennheiser in-ear monitor system ensures the stage area is clean and uncluttered by removing the need for stage monitor wedges. The in-ear monitors also keep the stage noise to a minimum and help to produce a better sound at a lower volume in the room.

Photography by Lucas Jarvis

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