Name of Event: TEDx Sydney 2017

Date of Event: Friday 16th of June 2017

Venue: ICC – International Convention Centre

No. of guests: 4300

Client and/or Event Company: Remo Giuffre @ TEDxSydney,  Belle-Laide

Type of Event: Public Event/Conference

Role / Involvement: Technical Direction, Technical Design, Stage Design, Lighting, Audio, Vision, Staging

About the Event:

TEDx Sydney moved from its home at the Opera House to the shiny new ICC in 2017, opening huge opportunities and challenges. Moving to the new much larger venue, the main design brief was to keep the room feeling intimate and personal. We took the bold move to remove the stage all together, carpet the floor and turn the whole level into the stage. We put a circular stage on the floor for the talks and surrounded it with seating to bring the audience right up close to the speakers. Combined with our enormous 3 faceted 32m wide x 6m high borderless screen, every seat in the house had a perfect view of the speakers’ presentations and the emotion expressed on their face.

Our audio team did an incredible job this year managing all the bands and performances. Band changeovers had to happen in less than 3 minutes in the dark with multiple big band and high-profile artist set-ups.

A 14 camera NEP outside broadcast ensured that the 10-hour live stream was rich with content from every talk, performance, hosting hub, and back stage. We enlisted our good friend Ivan from Dubology Studios  to record and mix all the talks for broadcast whilst Viostream took care of the stream which went out on multiple platforms.

Innovative not only looked after all the production in the main theatre, but also the production in the 2 exhibition halls which was named The Hub. We had over 40 screens, audio, and lighting spread across dozens of activations and events in the space. We also provided power for all stands, over 30 coffee machines, and every activation. It was a BIG job!

Key highlights of event:

The stage design and room set-up was the best we have done for a conference of this type. The room layout, stage design, and technical production all came together and worked exactly as planned.

Innovative introduced our longtime friends at Belle Laide to TEDx to take over as event producers this year. Leading the charge owner of Belle Laide Mark Taylor went over and above to produce an amazing event.

The incredible technical team including 15 of our full-time staff, over 40 of our casual and contractors, along with a further 25 technical staff under our direction, all came together to pull off a very large perfectly run event. We just couldn’t be happier with the result.

Watch the live stream here. You can click the arrow in the bottom right of the player to select which talk you would like to skip to. Our favorite was Atlassian CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes.

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