Name of Event: TEDx Sydney 2016

Date of Event: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Venue: Sydney Opera House (Concert Hall, Joan Sutherland Theatre, Drama Theatre, The Studio, All Foyers)

No. of guests: 3500

Client and/or Event Company: Remo Giuffre from General Thinking, Stuart Cousins from Alfred

Type of Event: Conference

Role / Involvement: Vision, Technical Design, Stage Design

About the Event:

“TEDxSydney is the leading platform for the propagation of Australian ideas, creativity and innovation to the rest of the world”. The event in a nutshell consists of about 20 individual talks and 6 musical performances in the iconic Concert Hall. A concurrent TEDxYouth event ran with a similar format in the Joan Sutherland Theatre. All of the other rooms and foyers in the House are filled with corporate sponsor activations, live sites, dinners, after party, and an amazing spread of food by Aria Catering throughout the 12 hour day.

Key Highlights of Event:

Custom borderless screens, integrated stage design, multiple concurrent events running throughout the Opera House with live crosses, very complex vision system. All running absolutely flawlessly.

For the 3rd year running, Innovative Have pulled off a technically flawless event. We have also learnt invaluable skills in designing these large scale corporate events.

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