@ Sydney Town Hall

Belle-Laide Events are known for their bespoke designs and creations. Director Mark Taylor has been awarded Australia’s Event Manager of the Year 2010 and NSW Event Manager of the Year 2010 & 2011. The superhero themed event they produced at Sydney Town Hall is a shining example of the high standard of their unique and original work.

A custom built 3D book was built for the event to create a striking prop, standing a whopping 2.6 meters tall, dwarfing guests as they entered. Not to be outdone, the “Boom!” installation stood 3 meters in height.

“We went big on the installations due to the sheer size of that venue”, says Mark, Belle-Laide’s own superhero.

Grand props call for grand lighting. Innovative created a light show that transformed the Sydney Town Hall into a Gotham City building and showcased the larger than life props. The guests were completely immersed in the theme which set the scene for an amazing event. BOOM!

Working closely with Belle-Laide Events in the pre-planning stage for their events ensures that their imaginative ideas are brought to life with the technical production that we design.

We have worked on numerous events at Town Hall and our experience has allowed us to be more and more adventurous with designs and ideas. It is a fantastic venue and works very well for a wide range of functions. If you are considering having an event at Town Hall, let us run you through the many possibilities and ideas for the space.

Photography by Lucas Jarvis

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