By Hayden Schraishuhn, Operations & Logistics Manager

Information for Freelance Technicians about Superannuation

At Innovative Production Services, we strive to uphold best practice and observe all legal liabilities in an often under-regulated industry. Nevertheless, there has been one conversation we have had time and time again with freelance technicians regarding superannuation. Unfortunately, many are doing themselves a disservice as a result of a lack of knowledge.

If you are freelancing for any company who is employing you primarily for your labour, skills, mental and artistic efforts you are likely entitled to superannuation contributions from that company. There are some exceptions, but the overwhelming majority of our freelance technicians fall into this category and time and time again this is new information when it comes time to invoice.

We have at times been disadvantaged for doing the right thing due to unscrupulous or uninformed industry colleagues who will not pay super on behalf of their contractors, ultimately swindling them out of their entitlements. We would encourage any sole trader working under an ABN to explore their situations by looking at the links below. Happy hunting.

If you have any questions concerning super or would like to have a chat, please feel free to email us at