@ Brisbane – Sydney – Melbourne

Hendrick’s Gin: Seduction of Sanity, created by the team at Yakusan, was an event not for the faint-hearted. Visitors were invited into a gallery of experiences, where they encountered interactive ‘touch and feel’ boxes and peep walls made up with surreal images.

The Visual Art Installation was guaranteed to be unique, confronting and offer a glimpse into a most unusual world that tested and teased the limits of the imagination. In partnership with Australian and European artists, The Seduction of Sanity made its debut in Brisbane, stopped by in Sydney and had its finale in Melbourne.

Working with Senior Event Producer, Sarah Philips from Yakusan, Innovative’s Jeremy Koch was invited to create a light show for the events, and create he did!

Jeremy says, “It’s not every day you have almost complete creative freedom to push peoples’ senses to the limits. The Seduction of Sanity offered an opportunity to allow light to set the scene and match the dark, surreal soundscape that was presented to me. I really had a great time designing something that at times took people out of their comfort zones!”

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