Innovative donned their moon boots and spacesuits to assist Gloss Creative and Full Circle Productions with the launch of Omega’s Dark Side Of The Moon Speedmaster timepiece, held at Stage 7, Fox Studios in Sydney.

The Omega Speedmaster was famously worn by Buzz Aldrin in the 1969 moon landing. This rich history of the Speedmaster timepiece set the scene – creating an evening of visual and sensory lunar experiences.

Innovative provided all lighting, audio and visual elements to transform the large expanse of Stage 7 into 3 different looks for the evening.

The vastness of the dinner space was created by a 9m high 50m long wall with projections of space scenography and moving images that flooded the venue. Marry this with the 30m long dinner table, decorated in metal geometric space junk shapes with mountains of sand and glitter and a plethora of candles, and you have got yourself one hell of a moon scene!

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