@ Australian Technology Park

Innovative has provided full technical production for the MYOB Roadshow in Sydney for the past 3 years – and it has been growing each year! This year the MYOB Roadshow was the largest MYOB partner roadshow in Australasia with 1100 delegates. Australian Technology Park was chosen for the Sydney leg of this event as it is one of the only venues capable of accommodating this many people.

To ensure everyone in the room had the best view of the software and hardware demonstrations, we installed two 12m wide blended screens and a 5m wide screen, all controlled with Encore. This enabled any combination of cameras, live demonstrations, presentations, and videos to be placed on the screen in an enormous size and very high resolution.

The rustic and raw nature of the venue was embraced and highlighted with lighting, creating a very interesting space for a conference. We are finding more and more events are moving away from the traditional style conference in hotel ballrooms and looking for more interesting venues like ATP.

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