@ Doltone House JBW

MYOB National PartnerConnection Event was a place to get the ideas, inspiration and insights to fully leverage the benefits of the cloud and MYOB Live.

MYOB enlisted the services of Innovative to execute their high profile National PartnerConnection event in Sydney. Innovative provided all production aspects of the event which was spread over 5 days and 2 venues. The event included main plenary room, trade show, gala dinner, and 3 break-out rooms. The event was designed from start to finish with a concurrent look and feel which carried through the different rooms and events. The stage backdrop we installed allowed for creative lighting and projection effects to be used to inspire the audience and carry through the theme of the conference and help transform the look of the room for each speaker.

Innovative’s new full time CAD drafter, Hayden, drew up the venue and room layout in 3D and rendered out some images for the client to get a realistic idea of what the room would look like. The images take a standard 2D floor plan to the next level – the plans are brought to life and the client can picture exactly what we are designing. This is a huge advantage in the design stage especially when the client is not based in Sydney.  Sometimes it is hard for clients to visualise what an event will look like just off a 2D floor plan. 3D drafting also enables us to check sightlines from the drawing as we can render a view from any seat or position in the venue and literally see the view that the delegate would see.

The conference, held at the picturesque Doltone House at Jones Bay Wharf and Darling Island Wharf, was a huge success with over 250 MYOB certified consultants attending during the week-long event.

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