@ Simmer on the Bay

MYOB chose Simmer on the Bay as their backdrop to celebrate the eminent launch of their most exciting product to date – AccountRight Live. Welcomed by MYOB CEO Tim Reed, attendees were also treated to keynote appearances by the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Hon Stephen Conroy and Minister for Small Business, Hon Brendan O’Connor. A live demonstration then showed how AccountRight Live fully integrates across desktop and cloud.

For a launch of this calibre, the technology used for the event needed to be just as reliable as the new technology that was on display. The launch was filmed and streamed live so that stakeholders and media who couldn’t attend the launch could watch it online. A dedicated wireless internet solution was brought in by Wired Sky to provide high-speed internet required for the webstream and live demo. It was quite a complex technical set-up, but careful planning ensured that the event was executed perfectly.

Innovative were on board to deliver a seamless presentation, which included a demonstration of the software streamed live online. You can watch a recording of the event here.

CEO Tim Reed says,  “AccountRight Live will change the way our clients do  business. Now, hundreds  of thousands of business owners who use and trust our  AccountRight desktop software  range can easily experience the benefits of cloud  at their own pace. They don’t  need to migrate data to a new system or learn a  new interface, they simply install our latest release and turn the live features on.”

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