The Overseas Passenger Terminal OPT played host to an 800 strong guest list for a Mad Men inspired corporate celebration which was produced by Workshop Events.

Workshop Events, formerly known as James Gordon Workshop, went to town with decorating the 1500m2 Customs Hall with 1960s furniture, pool tables, a beautifully styled cigar bar, custom built chandeliers, a huge centre piece bar, and a fantastic beaded backdrop for the stage.

Innovative provided the lighting and audio for the evening which included a bunch of Martin mac 700’s, 250’s, TW1’s, 301’s and StageBars, all controlled with our new GrandMA2 console with a new motorised fader wing which allows for more cues to be easily accessed for larger shows.

The challenge with the lighting design of this event was to ‘hide’ the look of modern lights and keep the look and feel of the 60’s ‘Mad Men’ era.

A lot of conventional lighting was used with brown colour tones including 150 par56’s, 50 par 30’s and profiles projecting break-up patterns around the room and on the floor. We also sourced some lamp shades to hang low over the pool tables creatintg a classic 60’s club mood. A light haze in the room allowed the beams of light to wash over the tables giving a slightly underground feel.

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