The new IKEA Catalogue 09/10 has the theme “Love your Home”.

For 5 days, the Australian Technology Park (ATP) was transformed into beautiful bedrooms, kitchens and living spaces.

Innovative‘s Alex Grierson got to work creating a light show to show off the display rooms and the rustic, raw architecture that ATP has to offer. This was the first run for our newly acquired GrandMA2 lighting console.

Where there are big lights, there needs to be big vision. And there was – a Barco 12k DLP Projector was used to project IKEA images onto a custom 6m high storage cupboard from the new FAKTUM range of kitchens. The high powered projection enabled the kitchen display to be lit nice and bright and ensured the images projected would stand out with huge impact.

Innovative were so impressed with the display units, they are now the proud owners of their own FAKTUM kitchen!

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