Name of Event: FOX Cricket Sydney 2018

Date of Event: 9th Oct 2018

Venue: Hordern Pavilion Sydney

No. of guests: 300     

Client and/or Event Company: Wonder

Type of Event: Product Launch

Role / Involvement:

We were heavily involved in the design concept from the start, right through to supplying all aspects of technical production and management.

About the event:

The event was the launch of the new Foxtel 4K Cricket Channel.

The brief for the event was to create a journey for the guests from the entrance and create a completely immersive cricket environment. The presentations needed further theatrics to enhance the guest experience and add a further element of show craft.

We created a full 360-degree visual experience and projected images of the Sydney Cricket Ground that were taken the week before and mapped onto the screens, completely engulfing the room. 2 of the large screens flew out once all the guests were in the room revealing the grandstand seating and more projection.

Key highlights of event:

The enormous 4K LED screen weighing in at a whopping 2.6 tonnes was incredibly impressive for the presentations and demonstration of the 4K content.