Q. Why does your team need to be trained and up to date with First Aid?

A. The entertainment and live performance industry can present many hazards and dangers to staff and the public. Not only is it essential that all staff are trained to set up and use equipment to the Australian standard, but it is also important that when and if something does go wrong, the team on site is able to identify and contain hazards, and treat the patient until the paramedics arrive to the scene.

The Innovative Team recently participated In the First Aid and CPR Training program with Emergency Australia. As first aid requirements vary from one workplace to another, the team were taught to identify all the potential hazards that can appear onsite and at Innovative HQ – as well as, decide what first aid arrangements are needed to have in place.

Recommendations for your workplace;

  • Identify the type of work you do and the safety issues involved
  • Identify the size and location of your workplace, distance between work areas and response times for emergency services
  • As a rule of thumb there should be one first aider for every:
    • 50 workers in low-risk workplaces (e.g. an office)
    • 25 workers in high-risk workplaces (e.g. a construction site)

Advantages of your staff being certified;

  • Faster response time in the event of an emergency
  • Reduction in workplace accidents, as well as minimizing risks and identifying hazards
  • A more positive environment – when your staff know that you are serious about their training and their safety it creates a positive environment that will flow into all areas of your workplace.

We strongly advocate all companies to make sure their staff are adequately trained and up to date with safety and first aid. If you wish to organise first aid for your team please clink the links below to find out more.

Emergency Australia

St Johns

Red Cross

Stay safe, everyone!

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