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Financial Review & Macquarie delivered a series of events bringing together leaders from around the country to discuss and debate the issues that mattered in 2012 and beyond. Innovative were a part of this important series as a technical production partner to develop and execute the high profile events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

In part one, the Future of Media, the focus was the ever-changing and fragmented media landscape and the challenges it presents. It was imperative that the audio was crystal clear as the series was streamed online live and feeds were taken for many news channels. Ben Shannon, a senior account manager at Innovative, ensured the delivery of each event was perfect every time. Ben supplied top of the range microphones and audio equipment to minimise the chance of feedback and maximise the clarity for the audience.

In part two, the retail sector was the focus as it currently grapples with the growing complexities of consumer behaviour and the impact of technology.

Throughout the series, “lower third titles” were used during formalities rather than title slides, this decision was implemented to avoid any distraction for the speakers. An example of this is above.

Part three discussed the end of the mining boom – this event was held in Perth, on the day Martin Ferguson famously stated the mining boom was over. Media came from everywhere due to many of the heads of the mining companies being in the same room at the same time!

Part four saw the banking sector scrutinised and discussed by some of the country’s most influential stakeholders within the industry. The events were part of one of the most important series for Financial Review Group during 2012, and we were very proud to be working with them to deliver such a high profile and important project.

These types of high level corporate luncheons are where Innovative excel. We use the highest quality equipment which ensures the best possible job is done with the highest level of reliability. This is why such important events are trusted to Innovative. We deliver time and time again.Photography by Lucas Jarvis

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