Roja Dove is one of the world’s foremost fragrance experts. Elizabeth Arden’s recent fragrance launch at Simmer on the Bay enlisted the charismatic Roja Dove to talk about the history of the perfume worldwide. His extraordinary knowledge of the fragrance industry kept the audience (and the AV operator) captivated.

The room was styled by Garth Phillips who, influenced by the festive season, created large perspex baubles to display the elegant fragrance products.

Innovative rigged a large truss arch covered in white lycra to hang the perspex baubles with large red chiffon material. The truss arch was internally lit with colour changing LED lights.

The room decor was minimal which helped the product stand out against the rustic background of the venue. White draping was used as a backdrop in the upper area where the presentations took place.

The lower white wall of Simmer had a blended widescreen projection enabling the various product names and logos to appear in random positions over the entire wall. The projectors were neatly hidden behind the truss arch which helped to create the mystery of the works appearing all over the wall.

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