The 11th October, 2008 was a night of many firsts at Centennial Parklands.

It was the night of the first annual Evergreen Dinner, a fundraising event which helped Centennial Parklands Foundation complete a new Education Centre and Recycled Garden project in Centennial Parklands.

It was the first major function in the newly renovated Centennial Parklands Restaurant and the first event Innovative Production Services gladly supplied technical services as preferred supplier of Centennial Parklands Dining.

The testimonial below, combined with the great photos from the night, atest to the success of the night.

“Dear Brendan,

I was so sad not to meet you personally at the Evergreen dinner on Saturday night at the Centennial Parklands, but wanted to thank you very much for all your hard work in making the event such a success.

The two separate rooms would have been very difficult to arrange without your marvellous screens, and the sound was wonderful.

Thank you very much in deed.

Yours Sincerely,

Sarah Whyte”

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