Innovative Production Services is a proud sponsor of Australian Dance Festival and Sydney Salsa Congress. We supply the complete event technical design and technical production.

Dear Jeremy and all the team at Innovative Production Services

Thank you so much for being absolutely amazing to work with.  For 5 years, the biggest headache involved with running our events was dealing with our staging and production supplier…and then you came along and we never knew it could be this easy.  Your professionalism, attention to detail and most of all your willingness to solve problems and be a team player have all made our events so much more of a pleasure to organise.  We feel so lucky to have you behind the scenes at our events because we trust that you will do absolutely everything in your power to make the event as good as can be. Your experience and passion for putting on a show that we can all be proud of is something you just can’t put a price on. 

The involvement of Innovative Production Services at the Australian Dance Festival and the Sydney Salsa Congress has brought our events to an entirely new level.   Without a doubt, I can say that  you have helped us produce the best stage for dancers to perform on.  This has resulted in us being inundated with requests to perform at our events.  The contribution you have made to our branding is immense as the quality of the staging and production is reflected in our photos, videos and our marketing materials. 

We had been looking for a production company for 2 years before you contacted us, and we were feeling disheartened as the staging production companies we contacted to quote for our events either lacked the attention to customer service that we longed for, or were just ridiculously expensive.  Having been in the events business for over 6 years, I can definitively say that Innovative Production Services provides the service you would expect from a large staging company, without the price tag, and with the bonus of someone who truly understands the importance of developing a good relationship with his clients.

I look forward to having Innovative Production Services being a part of our team for many years to come!

– Angela Lau / Australian Dance Festival

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