Name of Event: Adobe Symposium 2018

Date of Event: Wednesday 15th August

Venue: ICC Halls 5,6,&7

No. of guests: 3500

Client and/or Event Company: Belle-Laide Events

Type of Event: Conference

Role / Involvement: Technical Design, Lighting, Audio, Vision, Staging, Rigging

About the event:

Adobe Symposium 2018 combined the 2 flagship Adobe events together in a new format to create the largest event they have done in the Asia pacific region. It was a huge feat to undertake, especially in the first year of the new format.

The event consisted of a keynote area in Hall 5 for 3500 delegates, an activation area in Hall 6 & 7 that had a huge number of sponsors’ and collaborative activations along with breakfast and lunch areas, after party with live music, and breakout sessions. Day 2 had the delegate breakout into dozens of breakout rooms throughout the ICC conference centre.

Key highlights of event:

One of the biggest challenges for the event was how to create an intimate and inclusive theatre space for 3500 people in a gigantic hall 100m wide. One of the features was to build screens big enough to negate the need for delay screen further down the room. We strongly felt that whilst delay screens allows the audience further back to read text and graphs easily on screen, it disconnects the audience from the stage and connecting with the presenter. It is a bit like watching the event on a TV at the back of the room in the cheap seats. Adobe’s content is everything! It is literally what the company is all about, so the content needed to be HUGE, high resolution, bright, and immersive. There were not screens big enough that existed in Australia to fill this role, so we purchased them specifically for this event. 5 enormous seamless and borderless screens that towered 6m high and covered a distance of 62.4m in screen width.

The results even astounded us. The very back corner seats were just as incredible as the seats up the front. Actually, the seats further back helped you immerse yourself in the enormity of the set-up.

Behind The Scenes Tech Tour