Innovative Production Services is a company that is built on passion. It was started by two very passionate young directors more than 20 years ago and that passion is still evident today! 

It's evident in the way we care for and interact with our clients. 

It's evident in how we look after our staff and contractors. 

It's evident in our design processes. 

It's evident in the equipment we choose to use and how we look after it. 

It's evident in how we grow and develop the business. 

It's evident in every job we deliver. 

We want you to experience this passion. 

We want you to see why we do things the way we do. 

We want you to understand our attention to detail is like no one else's. 

We want you to see that our meticulous care starts in the warehouse and extends to all our jobs. 

We want you to feel the joy, drive and pride our staff have in doing their jobs...and hopefully yours!

We invite you to experience what Innovative is all about. Come and visit us in person if you can, or make a virtual appointment. We would be more than happy to take you on a tour of our office and factory, in person or via video call.  

Our Team

Brendan Sadgrove


Jeremy Koch


Hayden Schraishuhn

Operations/Logistics Manager

Guy Gilchrist

Warehouse Manager

Tom Wilson

Project Manager

Belinda Potter

Office/Marketing Manager

Carla Burke


Carly Aiken

Yallamundi Technician

Ronan Long

Warehouse assistant & Technician