Innovative have just added over 80 new German custom roadcases to our inventory.

“Why would you get excited about roadcases??” I hear you say… Many reasons! Here’s the top 5:

  1. We have designed the roadcases to provide increased efficiency in the set up and pack down of equipment on events – our equipment is packaged up as ‘kits’ which means it is easier and faster to set up and pack down with more options if something gets changed on an event.
  2. Streamlining procedures such as prep, set up and pack down means reducing labour: a win for our staff prepping and de-prepping – and a win for clients: the labour bill is reduced with the set up simplified.
  3. With the amount of time and money that is invested in our state of the art equipment, it is no surprise we also invest heavily in the highest quality roadcases to transport our gear. Knowing our equipment is protected in transit makes us happy AND makes it more reliable.
  4. Set ups are cleaner – the new cases are developed so there are not as many lids and “empties” that need to be taken off site – they are an all-in-one solution – just like us!
  5. Quality German engineering ensures the roadcases are well made and will last for a very long time.